DOT/FMSCA Audit Assistance

What is it

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) constantly receives and reviews company safety information based on road side inspections and accident reports.  Once your company's Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) score approaches the thresh hold expect a letter notifying you of an upcoming audit. This can either be an onsite visit or a requirement to send documentation to the local Department of Transportation (DOT)/FMCSA office.

Another way this will happen is the New Entrant Audit. After you apply for your DOT number, the FMSCA will conduct this audit. Contact us as asoon as this happens and we can help.


How we can help

QCC has the experience and personnel to guide you through an audit.  The FMCSA take a very structured approach to the time table and structure of the audit and unless you follow these precisely expect a heavy fine or even a revocation of your permit to operate trucks.  We've been through this process many times and understand what the FMCSA looks for and their significance.  A critical item of audit process is the action plan submitted to the FMCSA and it's execution.  Without this crucial piece you may well expect a follow up visit that results in stiffer penalties.